* Sun-cured tobacco dries uncovered in the sun. This method is used in

Turkey, Greece and other Mediterranean countries to produce oriental


Sun-cured tobacco is low in sugar and nicotine and is used in cigarettes.




In sun-curing the source of energy is solar-heat.

Sun curing is commonly adopted in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,

Bombay, Bihar, U.P., Punjab and West Bengal.

In this method of curing Whole plant is strung on string or rack

(as in case of chewing and cigar tobacco in Tamil Nadu) or Whole

plant is spread on the ground (as in case of bidi tobacco in Bombay,

hookah and chewing tobacco in U.P. and Punjab) or Otherwise

primed leaves or separated leaves with pieces of stalks are tied into

bundles and strung on ropes (as in case of Natu tobacco in Andhra

Pradesh) or These leaves are spread on the ground (as in case of

chewing tobacco in U.P. and hookah tobacco in W. Bengal).

The method differs from place to place and type to type of tobacco

viz. cigar and chewing tobacco in Andhra Pradesh take about 15

to 20 days and Natu tobacco takes around 45 to 60 days for curing.  

The leaves are separated from the stalk after the plants are initially

wilted in the field and the leaves are then strung on bamboo poles

for curing in the sun.

The hookah and chewing tobacco in Bihar are harvested and left in

the field itself upto 4 to 6 days for drying after which they are

heaped for two days.

Again they are spread and dried for 6 days then heaped for two

days and spread thereafter upto 4 days for drying.

Thus after 45 days the leaves attain dark brown colour after

which they are stripped and tied into bundles of 25 to 30 leaves

for fermenting in bulks.


A further classification of this kind of curing is :

 - Light Air-cured tobacco , to which Burley and Maryland tobacco  belong,

                                       used for cigarettes and rolling tobacco. 

 - Dark Air-cured tobacco, to which  Havana and Paraguay tobacco belong,

                                   of much stronger taste, used for cigars and chewing