ITALINDO is a trading agency based in Indonesia but operating in several Countries trough professional associated members who guarantee the genuinity and full reliablility of products and suppliers  therin proposed.


INDIAN RAW TOBACCO is a website fully dedicated by ITALINDO to promote the grouth of a very special raw tobacco manufacturer located in Northern India who has really proved to us to deserve to be ranked up to a more challenging international trade business.




His production is traditional and very simple since most of outside and inside work is still done manually,  directly by his family members and relatives from original village.

His factory and the whole production compounds were concieved to obtaining the maximum results with minimum investment,  giving priority to most practical use and necessary large spaces to be able to store and process large quantity of products.

Products offered are all variety of basic raw dry tobacco leaves, like Burley, Virginia, and Oriental tobacco, each one with such a huge selection of grades

to satisfy almost any general or specific demand, including customized blends.


After just a few months,  the manufacturer , who is able to supply almost any kind of raw dry tobacco leaves, has began exporting to Middle East, East Europe, and China.


His main keys for success are:



                      - PRODUCT FREE SAMPLES

                      - LARGE QUANTITIES ALWAYS READY

                      - HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICES

                      - CIF PRICES

                      - TRIAL SHIPMENTS WELCOMED

                      - OPEN DOOR FACTORY

                      - NO PREPAYMENTS

                      - FULL TRANSPARENT RELATIONS


  Being always honest , treasuring suggestions, keeping good relations, are the basic principles of this young man whose old father's words are sculptured in his mind: time will consolidate and grow truth and trust.