"Spirit of precision"
"Spirit of precision"

The Company's young owner,  graduated from Kanpur University, also  completed  his MBA under Indian Council for technical education, has taken over from his old parents their traditional tobacco cropping business, previously only exploited for domestic market, and has started feeding it with fresh enthusiasm , new initiatives, and the best update technical know how.


The manufacturer is a simple, honest hard working man, who is not eager to show a higher profile but just to prove the quality of his products  and his professionality to gain more competitive challenges and good reputation. 




The manufacturer welcomes any visit from buyers: his factory is open to show the visitor the real products in stock, assist to different stages of processing, assess quality and grades , allow direct selection, and make the honorable guest feel as at home.




and whatever Country you come from he will be there personally to meet you with the warmest welcome, to offer you with honesty in heart whatever he can afford to let you verify and appreciate his genuine potential to become that  serious business partner that you may expect to find.

He will drive you around the crop fields out in the countryside, will show you how the production is done and the different methods of leaf curing, showing and explaining all you may ask and wish to know, up to a final lab test to guarantee the genuinity of the product you require.