Fire is used as the source of energy in this method and the important

leaf which is cured is Jaffna tobacco (a chewing type) in Ceylon and

in Tamil Nadu.

In this method the harvested leaves are wilted for few hours in the field,

tied into bundles of 3 to 4 leaves and hung on racks in a smoke-hut.

They are then smoked for 12 hours by burning coconut husk, leaf, stalks,

etc. and stocked for 3 days and again smoked.

During the smoking treatment the creosotic substances produced from

the smoke are absorbed by the tobacco that impart a particular taste

and antiseptic properties in the leaves.

The leaves are fermented into bulks for 3 to 4 weeks after smoke

treatment and then treated with salt water from the lagoons or with

jaggery for a special or peculiar taste of this type.