In this method the matured leaves are harvested by priming method and they are tied into bundles containing 4 to 6 leaves according to their size.

These bundles are then strung on a jute string, which are fixed on specially erected bamboo poles in a barn.

A required atmospheric temperature and relative humidity of 70-80 per cent is maintained by either closing or opening the ventilators or sprinkling water inside the barn. The curing process takes about 5 to 6 weeks time.

The rack-curing is usually adopted in following areas:

-Tamil Nadu for country cigarette, cigar, cheroot, chewing and snuff, tobacco.

-Maharashtra for bidi and chewing tobacco.

-Andhra Pradesh for cheroot and bidi tobacco.

-Assam for hookah tobacco.

Lanka tobacco leaves in Andhra Pradesh are strung on ropes in shed for 30-45 days for curing and developing yellowish-brown colour of the leaves